A-level: ABB not including Critical Thinking. Your parent school will have the final approval of your choices - contact them for guidance. Skills discovery module . Read more about UK and Republic of Ireland accepted qualifications… A-level: AAA including A in History and excluding General Studies and Critical Thinking GCSE: Grade 7/A in Mathematics Where an applicant is taking the EPQ in a relevant subject this might be considered alongside other Level 3 qualifications and may attract an alternative offer in addition to the standard offer. Module and Programme Catalogue. Leeds for Life is our unique approach to helping you make the most of University by supporting your academic and personal development. sustainability). We welcome applications from mature students … Most undergraduate programmes of study will be made up of different modules: compulsory, optional and discovery modules. Consideration will be given to your life experience and the circumstances in which you have gained prior qualifications. If you have any questions about this Discovery Theme, you can contact the Theme Leader: Kevin Linch K.B.Linch@Leeds.ac.uk. Contact: Lindsey Fawcett: Phone: E-mail: l.fawcett@leeds.ac.uk: isa: d: A maximum of 20 credits, subject to the provisions of the programme of study concerned, may be taken in the final programme year. The module usually includes a field trip to the People’s History Museum in Manchester and a walking tour. Due to the changing nature of government guidance surrounding social distancing, module teaching delivery, timetabling and assessment information is being kept under review for the upcoming academic year. Discovery Modules will be reviewed on an annual basis using the criteria listed above. ... For further information about the study of Fine Art at University of Leeds please read the Fine Art Module Descriptions in the Module Catalogue and visit the School of Fine Art website. Year 1 skills discovery modules are the only year 1 modules which can be taken beyond the second programme year. Within your optional modules, you also have the choice of selecting Discovery modules. All modules have a credit value and you will need to complete sufficient credits to progress through your programme. If you want to change a module to a different module taught within the same teaching school also include the new module code and title Your parent school You will be allocated a parent school which will be responsible for the administration for your studies at the University of Leeds. Details of key contact information for the catalogues are held on this page. There's a lot to see and do, and to help you plan we've put together this guide…. While compulsory modules are mandatory, optional modules are modules chosen by you that you find most interesting. Search site. Make the most of your discovery modules. For information relating to a specific discovery module, contact the teaching school for the module concerned. In general we expect applicants to have two ‘traditional’ academic subjects at A-level. If Biology is the only science subject then an A grade is required. Find out more at the Leeds for Life website . This gives you the opportunity to study on campus, be taught by University of Leeds academics and progress onto a wide range of Leeds undergraduate courses. Depending on how your interests develop, you can opt to take further discovery modules within this Theme, or explore new topics in other Discovery Themes. Critical Thinking and General Studies excluded. The Broadening section in Leeds for Life provides information and guidance about what discovery modules are available. We offer several discovery modules as part of the Ethics, Religion and Law Discovery Theme, giving you the chance to explore ethical issues as part of your degree. ... we use algorithms developed by the University of Leeds IT Services to ensure that you will get as many of your preferred modules as possible. Skills discovery modules are always single-weighted in the classification algo… You may also find our pages for Prospective Students useful http://www.leeds.ac.uk/undergraduate and Coursefinder http://www.leeds.ac.uk/coursefinder/.

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