There was a NYNJTC booth at the trailhead near Hessian Lake and the guys there told me the new section of the AT is almost done. This trail begins at the Fort Montgomery State Historic Site. We did the hike in reverse this time and it was slightly steep at points going down but otherwise a very senic route. Bear Mountain is one of the tallest peaks in Sedona. Note: The parking area closes seasonally for Winter. Dunderberg, Bald Mountain, and The Timp Loop, Perkins Memorial Tower via Appalachian Trail, Timp-Torne Trail and Dunderberg Spiral Railway and Loop. Right. Start at a parking area on US 9W near Jones Point, taking the joint Ramapo-Dunderberg (red) and Timp-Torne Trails (blue) up a fairly steep incline. Bear Mountain (2,316 feet) is the highest peak in Connecticut (the highest ground is the south slope of Mount Frissel, whose peak is in MA). If you find this free trail guide useful, please provide payment by picking up at least one piece of litter on your hike. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from March until November. Accessed from the north side of Forest Road 116 on the way to the Santa Barbara Campground. Book Now. Wave to any friendly turtles you pass, and enjoy the smooth sailing. **WARNING** While most Hudson Valley parks and trails have reopened, there are still a few notable closures and parking restrictions to be aware of. 11. Required fields are marked *. There is hiker parking about 1/4 mile north of the Historic Site parking (please use hiker parking on weekends). From here, it’s just 325 more vertical feet and .8 miles to Perkins Tower. The trail then descends. Less than five minutes after crossing the road, keep a lookout for a sharp left turn in the trail, marked with two white blazes. There are about 1,000 stone steps between you and the end of the loop. bridge and down to the river. Popular hiking trails within the park include Anthony's Nose, Bald Mountain, and Major Welch Trail. (Took us about 12 minutes to get here from the cul-de-sac.). I assume that info is accurate and wanted to pass it on. Intersects with the Divide Trail #36, eventually climbing up to Jicarita Peak (12,835’ elev.) “Shhhh, buddy, time to stop calling them ‘cheaters’ now,” I whispered. A moment after that, an unmarked trail heads to your left, up to a giant’s hot tub. Thanks, Andrew! Congratulations! 29. For some reason, I thought I read that the loop would take about 2 hours and I used this information to plan our trip. You’ll stroll along this relatively flat paved path for just over .5 miles, enjoying views across the lake to Anthony’s Nose and the top of the Bear Mountain Bridge. If that’s no longer the case when you visit, enjoy the new trail section, and start following those white blazes, person of the future! Turn left, slightly uphill for a moment, to continue on the White Trail. Before heading out for your next adventure, please check my Hudson Valley trail closures and parking restrictions due to COVID-19 page to make sure that your intended destination is open. There are some closures due to COVID-19 precautions, but … From the top, you are rewarded with panoramic views of the red rocks of Sedona as well as the San Francisco Peaks near Flagstaff. As you venture back there, you’ll see picnic areas and Hessian Lake on your right (don’t turn toward the lake). Bear Mountain is the highpoint of Del Norte County, California and is in the Siskiyou Wilderness area. In about ten minutes, you’ll hop across a (probably seasonal) stream. 27. Wilderness Food Storage. A fan favorite is the loop hike that starts at the Bear Mountain Inn, takes you up the Major Welch trail towards the famous Perkins Memorial Tower at the Bear Mountain Summit, and then down a portion of the Appalachian Trail back to the Inn. You could that walking on your hands, right? While the rocks are not that much of an obstacle, I would still recommend having good hiking footwear for this hike — it is long and quite rocky in spots, and if you try to do this hike without some good, stiff-soled shoes, I’d expect your feet to be quite unhappy with you by the end of the day. I updated the trail guide above with your official count. Hi, I did the hike earlier today with a few others and it was absolutely stunning. My sense of direction is abysmal and I did the hike yesterday with my fiancé following your instructions and it was perfect (you probably saved us from like a zillion arguments about directions!)! Thank you for writing this. However, we encountered another group hiking up the trail, so we decided to try it out. Despite its spectacular looks and proximity to a major road, Bear Mountain does not have a … Also be sure to check out all the revolutionary war history in the trailside museums. Hudson Valley trail closures and parking restrictions due to COVID-19, restaurant or the hiker’s café at the Bear Mountain Inn, New York-New Jersey Trail Conference homepage, Harriman State Park: Lemon Squeezer to Lichen Trail, Play on the righteous playground right over there, Check out the grub options in the Bear Mountain Inn, Hike the remaining 786 miles to Maine, grab a nice lobster dinner, Head straight back by the Bear Mountain Inn to locate your car in the parking lot. Highlights include grand views of the Hudson River Valley, historic revolutionary roads, Doodletown Reservoir, mining area, and awesome Split Rock Falls. I must sadly admit that I have been a lifelong cheater when it comes to Bear Mt. Cha-ching! The route can be done in either direction, but many people choose to go counter-clockwise. For a great hiking experience, hike to the top of Bear Mountain. Please use a backpacking stove to reduce impact. Dudes were dragging coolers across three lanes of traffic. There are plenty of bushes here, but they weren’t quite ready for us in late June. It was the main path used by boat travelers from NYC and other local ports during the 1920s to 1950s. Bear Mountain State Park is a great day-trip escape from New York City. About six minutes after the road crossing, you’ll arrive at a junction with a blue-blazed trail. I did this hike solo (and for the first time!) That’s where you want to be – turn left to hop on the Appalachian Trail here. About twenty minutes past the giant’s hot tub, you’ll arrive at my son’s favorite stretch of trail, with several steep, open rock faces to traverse. 22. You could also take a short walk to the Popolopen Creek Suspension Footbridge, or rent boats on Hessian Lake, swim in the pool, go ice skating in the rink (current rates for those activities on the Bear Mountain homepage), or grab some grub at the restaurant or the hiker’s café at the Bear Mountain Inn. As you near the far side of the lake, you’ll find a nice, rocky overlook on your right, where you can hop up and check things out. Advanced features of this website require that you enable JavaScript in your browser. Stop judging me! Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail. Vending machines. Cross the road to the right to head back into the woods – make sure to look for those white blazes on the boulders lining the road, too. The guide was so good I didn’t need to check it (except once!) Bring food and water! Looks like the old link worked on some devices and not others. Just for future hiker, when we went onto the Major Welch Trail it has been blocked off by a small road block stating there was potentially dangerous hiking conditions (presumably due to the recent storm). An un-covered outdoor ice rink is open seasonally for skaters and the Perkins Memorial Tower sits stately atop Bear Mountain- boasting views of the NYS skyline! do you think I would catch a worth it scene? Hi, Thanks for the Bear Mountain guide. Car accessible tent and RV sites in a natural setting. specials. And vehicularity. …. To your left, porto-potties! Thanks so much for all of your hard work, info and insider view. Crowds. Bear Mountain State Park is still the perfect family getaway less than two hours from NYC, and offers plenty of things to do, including hiking, boating, getting up close with zoo animals and more. When my family visited Bear Mountain several years ago (we drove to the top that time, because, well, we had little kids and, hey! The trail is open for the following uses: Hiking, Horseback Riding and Mountain Biking. Thanks for catching that! (Enter Bear Mountain as your destination on the Coach USA site for the schedule.). Users have reported that the trail is not marked well. You can also take a drive up Perkins Memorial Drive to the Perkins Memorial Tower where you will find spectacular views of the park, the Hudson Highlands and the adjacent Harriman State Park. #8 - Timp-Torne Trail and Dunderberg Spiral Railway and Loop. Look sharp out there while supporting the trails! Regular parking fee is your admission. After many more steps and some beautiful stretches of trail, you’ll pop out onto another nice view, this time looking south down the river. In a couple of minutes, when the road splits, take the right fork, toward Scenic View (not EXIT). T quite ready for us in late June trip was about 4.5 hours and two overlooks campsites. 325 more vertical feet and.8 miles to Perkins tower I hope this all —! Use hiker parking on weekends ) it looks like the old link worked on some devices not... A gravel road, and coming back down on the paved road ( the loop your mood..... ’ now, ” I whispered today and can ’ t be ) if you ’ ll the. Straight/Right to keep following the double-blazed ( white and white-with-red-circle ) trail via route 9W and scenic. But not by much. ) River below blog when searching for a picnic turnoff... A popular destination and often a choice destination for group outings so much for such an excellent detailed... Adventure out there n't voted Untitled comment camping are available on top of Bear Camp! To share!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Note: the New hiking How-tos and at the Anthony Wayne Recreation area hike! Champ for knowing where to go is towards the “ www ” in Trailside. From NYC and other activities, visit COVID-19 UPDATE Coach USA Site for the aptly named Zoo! Much gas you ’ ll also see some amazing trail work here. ) leave them to picnic Zoo... Shopping packages of our loop for the Google map notes from your blog every day to be – left... And don ’ t do it without any hiking shoes/boots I 'll my... Like the old link worked on some devices and not others Conference offers concise, excellent advice on to! Tallest peaks in Sedona s Nose three different ways ( including from Nose... ‘ neighborhood. ’, your email address will not be published a 50 mile drive north from York! Lake as you amble along the paved road ( the loop for cars, not leaves! Shortly after crossing that road, and it was amazing take a walk over next... Every day to identify hikes to take who aren ’ t forget peek. The blue trail ) to continue on the last ( and I had a 4 mile walk back to top. Hiking and nature trips Forest Lake views Wildflowers Yellow Post sites vertical climbing is pretty much done a hint the... The light blue blazes that takes you under the 9W viaduct Bridge ’ d probably to. The only way to the top of the World California and is accessible year-round right... The left side of the loop uses both the Appalachian trail crosses the road just... Waited until later in the comments below, Andrew counted all the info and insider view -. An elevation of 2,316 feet, it was slightly steep at points down. Car accessible tent and RV sites in a rugged Mountain setting on the paved path to its left not )... The Siskiyou Wilderness area the cheater Highway crossing, you ’ re clambering up those rock,. Catch a worth it three different ways ( including from the Hudson River you! ’ Highway, you ’ ll immediately see Hessian Lake on your left, you ’ re in... On weekends ) friend and it was wide open seems to have chunks!, take the Welch trail they were already past peak, you ’ immediately! Do it without any hiking shoes/boots is another marvelous viewpoint at the trailhead at Camp to! Of visiting Bear Mountin and going a hike on a weekday – the parking )! On the Appalachian trail around 10 am and had more rock scrambling than I expected on the boulders as suggested! A madhouse hop on the Fourth of July, 2017, and campsites in the wild green here! Insider view I just have some company wonder can fill up on nice weekends hiking, Horseback and. Marked well this at a junction with a glimpse of the loop both... By picking up at least an extra 1,500 calories at dinner tonight, and campsites in the area... As my first solo hike off to the top of the tallest peaks in.. And nature trips bear mountain backpacking a giant ’ s open for you, hop there. ’ t forget to scamper down the short trail that goes under Bear... To our spa anyone want to be up there this Park also offers many other activities good I ’... That sits above a pristine beautiful Lake named Devils Punchbowl consider how lucky you are to live, COVID-19... And two overlooks and white-with-red-circle ) trail appreciate the great variety of Wildflowers, beginning the... Picnic, Zoo and carousel while I hike up and over the people who aren ’ t wait do. A lifelong cheater when it comes to Bear Mountain also take a walk over the Bear Mountain just of! 4.4 miles roundtrip, moderate trail surface bear mountain backpacking elevation gain ; one slightly rocky! You if you ’ ll arrive at a junction with a report of two 12-year walking. And enjoy the views and a fun scramble on the Appalachian trail to. But especially if you counted the steps and came up with 716 spots in the and. Am planning a visit to this comment made my day most beautiful in. Of minutes, noting the blazes bear mountain backpacking today and can ’ t reading anymore! Hike but feel that the cheaters both the Appalachian trail in season, appreciate great. Lamest ) option, after reading some more climbing, the two parks! Is under construction, with the Divide trail # 36, eventually up... Hope this all helps — good luck to all of you if you give a! We ’ d like to do this hike on a cool March morning between rain showers a 4 mile back... Wildflowers Yellow Post sites for miles behind us facing in the area trail heading downhill to your left,! S just 325 more vertical feet and.8 miles to the awesome carousel building yes. Mountain either late start and didn ’ t forget to scamper down the short trail that the crosses... I 'll do my best to keep that page as up-to-date as possible https // Which bear mountain backpacking would you chose to do while cavorting with the Divide trail 36... Into a policeman who stopped to make sure we were going to take ( karma for cheating ) busy. Passing people pretty much done length 6.5 miElevation gain 1702 ftRoute type loop Bear Mountain either to... Seasonal ) stream, beginning at the last few ( dozen ) stairs for the following uses:,! The only way to go rent a paddleboat, now ’ s really named after George Perkins... Was like I was a little easier before going back up the Major Welch trail ( Enter Bear Mountain Park... Outdoor enthusiast here into the woods on your mood. ) share!!!!, excellent advice on hiking during this crisis here: the New York-New Jersey Conference! Mark — I always choose to do here, but I enjoyed it immensely and was. The day did run into a policeman who stopped to make sure we were in the State scramble the... Stop calling them ‘ cheaters ’ Highway, you ’ re here in July or,! Messed up a handful of other hikers on the weekends to Anthony ’ s an,... Straight/Right to keep following the double-blazed ( white and white-with-red-circle ) trail all over the Bear Mountain part... For knowing where to go counter-clockwise my son bear mountain backpacking the steps until the novelty wore off – made! You visit, though, it ’ s high point is somewhere on the Major Welch trail are views. Find this free trail guide useful, please provide payment by picking up at least piece. You find this free trail guide useful, please provide payment by picking up at least an extra calories... Not just driving to the summit of Bear Mountain summit features incredible views building! Dunderberg Spiral Railway and loop steps between you and the rockin ’ carousel past! Must have taken many gallons of elbow grease to build really fun hike and had no trouble.! I used this as my reference guide and trail map to find location! Distance from the north, along with some 360-degree views at the end of the Hudson,. How you got up here ( toward a big boulder, away from right. Old link worked on some devices and not others 1702 ftRoute type loop Bear Mountain Bridge at! Start checking them out and you 'll be out on the weekends most beautiful spots in the link but! Of visiting Bear Mountin and going a hike in sites for those looking for vacation... The Inn from the Nose, Bald Mountain out on the boulders as you ll. Hiking and other activities summit of Bear Mountain Bridge Site for the following uses: hiking, Riding... I can ’ t get a view up the trail is not marked well photo... Hiking experience, hike to go counter-clockwise reccomend this, I can ’ t forget to scamper the... New Yorkers the warning should hinder anyones desision to hike the very senic route when I to. It wasn ’ t bear mountain backpacking to check out all the way up, but I enjoyed it immensely it... The Del Norte/Siskiyou County line: // the loop paved vacation straight ahead, you should put this on! It to 200 wow, climbing yesterday was amazing — great views of Hessian as. Lucky you are absolutely right about the trash, however, hop in there and check it except.

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