Share on facebook. Share on twitter. In the end of the article, there is also quick links to a few most helpful lessons from professional teachers who … LEXICAL RESOURCE . Gender inequality essay example hometown like your you about do What essay hbs mba essay tips. Now that I am older, I very much prefer my hometown to HCM city because here, the life pace is much more quiet and the air is fresher. MOST COMMON POPULAR SPEAKING QUESTIONS. If you want to learn what words and phrases to use when talking about your hometown, then you definitely should read this article. TWA used to be based here, you could fly from St. Louis to almost anywhere, there used to be direct flights from St. Louis to Rio. Actually, you can write whatever you want. Almost everyone is … - What do you like about it? Your Say Wingecarribee is a place for you to join in, share your thoughts and help shape key projects and services in the Wingecarribee Shire. – what the climate is like. Where is your hometown? * Hands down the most likeable part of my hometown is the fact that my family lives there. What do you like most about it? Next up on my adoring list is ironically the most dislike as well considering the fact that serenity and peace that exist in my hometown is delusional given the egocentric belief that as long as serenity and peace is in the immediate … The coffee … Popular Speaking Questions. As an old industrial city, my hometown has made a great deal of contribution for the country’s economic development. What jobs do people in your town do? I don't like my hometown. 8. Let’s look at some example sentences which express positive feelings: I love living in Paris. Memphis barbecue is the best. It is situated at Y – a small quiet lane near my university in the centre of my hometown. It's a great place to raise a family! and explain how you feel about your hometown. Shanghai’s a great place to live. What kind of jobs do the people in your town/village do? Answer for question: Your name: Answers. My hometown has a very small population and the people are very friendly. Answer #2 | 02/03 2014 09:45 I do not have a Hometown I grew up in : Tulsa … My town is no exception and I find the people in my town are most intriguing. Do you live in a house or a … I’m not sure what it is, but there’s something about the summertime that just fills me with an overwhelming sense of hometown pride. 1. What do you like (most) about your hometown? My hometown: I come from a small town called Sur, Oman. It is a truly picturesque place. The first and most important reason is that I hope that my hometown can become a beautiful city. What do you love about your hometown? Question: Describe your hometown. Words to use for a persuasive essay Stance essay thesis example of message essay lotf essay titles, internet vs library essay, hector gaming company case study solution, format of research paper front page, what does an essay on man focus on. Where is your hometown? What’s the most interesting part of your town/village? What do you like about your town? Ielts speaking hot topic “Hometown”,there are given below many questions … I was excited with the thought of living in a big city and enjoying the busy life it offers. My hometown is on the south-east coast of Northern Ireland. This city provides everyone so many opportunities to build up their careers, especially young people who want to build a brilliant social position. 1 decade ago. Share on whatsapp. What’s good about your hometown? Not as big as Brisbane and not as small as Cairns. Well, my hometown is the city of Huangshan, which is a small and quiet place. What building is considered famous in your town? Câu hỏi 3: What do you like most about your hometown? Do you think you will continue living there for a long time? Harbour Town Shopping Centre. Not many places in the world have that kind of view. What is the weather like in your town? N C • What do you think needs to be done to make your hometown a better place to live in? Essay of the story of an hour. What do you like about your hometown? Inviting a friend to your hometown; You will be given some examples on how to write ten sentences about your hometown in English. The air so fresh. Is there anything you dislike about it? It was your typical NYC suburban neighborhood. The weather there is quite pleasant all year round, even in winter the temperatures are quite mild. Tell the world what makes your hometown unique. Essay on today's politics in india How do i start off an … Home Talking about your home. Do you like your hometown? Also, this place is rich in superb sceneries, I can say this is paradise! Hurling is played with sticks and a smaller ball and involves hitting the ball over the bar or in the goal. You can tackle someone much harder than you can in soccer. Is there anything you dislike about it? Well, my hometown is the city of Nanjing, which is a big modern city with an ancient history -its a pretty nice place to live. There are a lot of convenience stores, pop-up stores, and futuristic shops. I can call my friend and meet her on the … Gaelic is a little like soccer but you are allowed to pick up the ball with your hands and you can kick the ball over the bar for one point or in the goal for 3 points. Assignment Suggestion: Write an essay about your hometown. Citizens of an area determine how the area would look like, how the roads and gardens would look like and many more aspects apart from the natural beauties of an area. It is located in South East England, on the River Thames. If the rich do something for charity, they write it off on taxes, or want the newspaper to publish a story. - Yes, ofcourse. However, you are able to make up … What do you like or dislike most about the area you are from (hometown)? Hometown. Câu hỏi … 8. Couldn’t ask for more [idiom] – something is so good … Some of the best beaches in Australia - Surfers Paradise, Broadbeach, so on. I also like the night view of my city. If you decide to boost your article by adding some info or pictures from external sources, don't forget to … 3 0. sweetdollツ . Memphis also has more music history than probably any other city in the country, although the music scene is kind of a joke now. What do you like about your hometown? (Why?/Why not?) There's a reason it's the fattest city in the country (probably the world, since we're the fattest country). What do you like about it? Phd … It’s an area of outstanding natural beauty and for me, one of the most beautiful places of earth. What do you like most about your hometown? e. Your hometown: - Where is your hometown? Answer #1 | 02/03 2014 09:51 It's where I grew up. The truth I don't like the culture in my city. Band 8.5 Model Answer: Today, Im going to share with you an interesting public place where I really enjoy going to to hang out with my close friends in my spare time, which is a lovely café named X.. Where do you come from? Page 1 of 2 - What do you like best about your hometown? At night, the high-rise … In my opinion, a modern library in my hometown can provide a good environment for the local people … The rich are horrible people, they act like they're better and won't talk to you if they think you're poor. Obviously, there’s something incredibly magical about summers in the Midwest, which probably has something to do with my love; the weather is beautiful, so people spend more time outside enjoying life and everything … During that time all my family were nearby, all within 1 hour drive time. Both of them are really fast-paced and a bit brutal at times. The food is great. Different people like different things in a city or town. I currently live in Pahrump, Nevada. Do you like your hometown?-I remember when I was in high school, I couldn't wait to move out of where I am from and into HCM city. • Did your family ever move away from the place you were born? Do you think you will continue living there for a long time? This city is safe, people are hospitable and genuine, the food is incredibly affordable unlike other cities in the world where I have traveled to, which costs you an arm and a leg. Theme Parks - Dreamworld, Movieworld, so on. Based on the text and questions above, describe your hometown and write what you like and dislike about it. Now that TWA is gone our airport is a joke, you gotta route through Chicago, Denver, Charlotte or Dallas-Ft. Worth to go anywhere. It attracts me and people from every walks of life thanks to its open atmosphere, a practical attitude, a mix culture, a rapid rhythm….the city never sleeps. Share on linkedin. There is also a number of examples (articles, podcasts and video) of how native-speakers talk about their hometown and what are words which they use. If I consider anything apart from people as interesting that would be the traditional buildings and way of life which are still available in the old part of my town. … You can write about the best places to visit, secret gems known only by the locals, interesting facts about its history, culture, accent specific to that region only, funny stories, your personal recollections, etc. Lv 7. These … The weather there is quite pleasant all year round, in winter the temperatures are quite mild but in summer it can be hot and humid … First of all, it’s is very green and has many beaches and mountains. You should say: Where it is located; What it is known for; What are the main industries in your hometown; What languages are spoken there; What are the advantages and disadvantages of living there; What problems your hometown faces; Answer: My hometown is London, the capital city of the UK. 9. Fce essay free time about essay What you hometown like your do technology essay in kannada language research paper on business planning je vais essayer de ne pas vous dcevoir en anglais. Share on email. 2. N C Past Tense or Present Perfect Tense • How long have you been living there/here? If I could change one important thing about my hometown, it would be air pollution problem, and I will give the following reasons to explain why I want to solve the problem. Almost everyone's on drugs even elected officials. You should say: Where it is; How often you go there; What you do there; And explain why you think it is interesting. Your hometown; Your work Your study Common introduction or 'warm up' questions. I like the city’s dynamic lifestyle: young and busy. … I like how small it is. If I could change one thing about my hometown, I would like to build some useful and advanced facilities for its use. What do you dislike? In Part 1 of the test, you may get questions similar to these below. There is no traffic jam in here and that is what I like about my city. It’s a real 24-hour city and you can meet people from all over the … It is surrounded by the mountains so that it is a pretty nice place to live. What kind of place is it? Macbeth supernatural elements essay Home of the ashfall essay full story, essay on types of robins essay about the importance of writing the research background. How has your town changed over the last twenty years? I like the convenience and modernness of my hometown. I love my hometown. Please note that there are many possible cue cards relating to the topic of hometown and this is just one possibility. (Similar to above) What do you like (best) about your hometown (or, about living where you are living now)? - posted in Off Topic: Hometown: Gold Coast, QLD, Australia Easy to travel/walk around. • Can … What is the name of the street you live on? Honestly, I couldn’t ask for more living in this magnificent place. Memphis is my hometown. Topic 6 What would you change about your hometown? A modern library, an advanced broad band system and a modern gym may bring a lot of changes to people living in my hometown and keep them up with the latest information and technology. It also has a small city center or down town area and you can find … 9. Check also: My Hometown – Reading Comprehension. POPULAR SPEAKING QUESTIONS | Ielts popular speaking questions ,examiner asks about studies question , you must be relevant to your question while answers,there are given 5 common popular speaking questions. Went to school, played little league. I am from Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam. What kind of street do you live on? What I like about my hometown is that there are many orchards and vineyards. It’s a small unincorporated township in Nye Count, it’s about halfway between Death Valley and Las Vegas, specifically its about 50 miles northwest of down town LV. If you like a more intimate venue, we have a theater originally built in the 1930's that was recently restored to it's original grandeur which has hosted jazz concerts, comedy shows and is now also being utilized for weddings and other gatherings. After the food, there's not much to like, but you asked what I like so I won't go into the … In this post, you will see one of the most common IELTS speaking topics (weather) and sample answers.Please remember that in the actual test you should give honest answers and talk about your own experiences, thoughts, feelings and opinions.Do not try to memorise answers, as the examiners will probably be able to guess and you will lose marks.. Positive: 66.666666666667 %. The first and most important reason is that I hope that my hometown can become a beautiful city. The hub is regularly updated with project information and about ways to have your say on issues that affect you! Register your details and you'll be the first to hear about the latest opportunities to take part in Council's decision-making processes. • (Similar to above) Has your family … What do tourists like to visit in your hometown? i haven't think about that It's peaceful and quiet. Actually I loved it. What changes have taken place in your city in … What do you like (most) about your hometown? Lovely place to be. People act like its a great community for your kids, because they dont do anything to criminals and don't put a lot of bad news in the paper. As an old industrial city, my hometown has made a great deal of contribution for the … You may also be asked to describe related things or ideas like: Describe a village near your hometown; Describe a product from your hometown; and so on. It’s got such a rich culture and there’s always something interesting going on. At a result, the natural environment of the city has been badly damaged. The schools in the city are really bad, like almost unaccredited bad. It’s called Dundrum and it’s about 1 hour south of the capital city. It is well known … Improvise. What I like MOST about Pahrump: 1.

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